Welcome to girl’s page. Have been in the lifestyle since 2004 and was introduced by my husband. Started out as a Dominant and just recently am becoming a slave. Have a Daddy Dom who is new to the lifestyle but very eager to learn. W/we are both discovering our new roles in the lifestyle. Am trying to teach Daddy as much as girl can and try not to Top from the bottom. Hoping to enlighten people on what the true BDSM lifestyle is really about. It is not about sex or being abused. It is about a connection between consenting adults, knowing what they need and require to be fulfilled in life. ┬áThe BDSM symbol represents, Sane Consensual and Safe. You have to study, train, and learn all aspects before attempting different things for a session.Both have to agree to the session. It is not about not having a say in what happens to you, like an abusive relationship. All parties involved in the D/s relationship care about one another and take care of one another. None wants to hurt or injure the other party. Will have more on my next blog posting. Feel free to give feedback, respectfully please. Will answer all respectful questions.